Ian Carey Mackerel Stripper.

The Mackerelmaster.

This is the pre production prototype of my new all in one Mackerel Stripper manufactured from marine quality, heavy duty materials finished to the highest standard.
The Gurdy is mounted on either of two positions allowing for use of the strap system or the more conventional outrigger set up.
With the support leg in place only a light pressure on the gunnel clamp is required to hold the system in place. The gunnel clamp screw has a nylon rotatable foot and the out board clamping posts are covered in rubber hose so the gunnel is protected both sides.
This unit can be fished whilst trolling ahead, circling or drifting, the roller hook ensures the line never slips of the roller and also acts as a handle when raising the roller section to its inboard stowage position.
Using this system requires mackerel sets with a short strop, this allows a closer distance between each hook meaning more hooks per given length of line. In trials the strap system works very well with the hooks neatly wrapping round the gurdy each haul.



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